This website is not actively maintained and will be retired on or around August 31, 2021.

Welcome to the Publisher Policy Database

The Publisher Policy Database is a growing database of information about journal publishers and their permissions policies specifically pertaining to archiving in institutional repositories. Soft-launched in Spring 2016 and still under active construction, the Publisher Policy Database is designed to capture journal publisher policies, requirements, and other important details about self-archiving articles in non-profit institutional repositories. This database does not currently track book publisher policies.

The Publisher Policy Database is maintained by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries as part of its work on ScholarlyCommons, Penn’s institutional repository.

If you have any questions or would like to request an update for one of our records, contact the ScholarlyCommons administrator at

While all information on the Publisher Policy Database is accurate to the best of our knowledge, it should not be relied upon for legal advice. The data collected in the database is made available under a CC0 licenseCreative Commons 0 license icon comprised of the characters "CC0"