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Butler Assistive Technology Room

The Butler Assistive Technologies Room is a collaborative effort between Van Pelt Library and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL).

Butler Assistive Technologies Room
  • Use audiobooks? Why not have your Canvas readings read to you?
  • Have writer's block? Try dictating your thoughts out loud!
  • Need a break? Mark's Cafe is conveniently located just around the corner.
  • Too much distraction? Enjoy a quiet private space to enhance focus. 

Reservation rules

We'll consider special requests for recurrent bookings. 

Butler Assistive Technology Room Manual

Where to print, copy, scan

Accordion List


  • iMac
  • PC desktop
  • Scanners
  • Speakers
  • Video magnifier
  • ReadIris

The Butler Room was made possible by the generous donation of Christopher, C'84 & Elizabeth Butler and is a collaboration between the Weigle Information Commons and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL). 

The Butler Room is designed to facilitate and enhance learning. Our project strives to explore universal design for learning to consider and appreciate the broad spectrum of human ability and draws inspiration from the following universities and organizations including:

  • Accessibility refers to design that considers the inclusion of people with disabilities and is a broad term that includes a wide range of aspects, including environments, services, and technologies. 
  • Assistive technology provides information technology access by enabling people with disabilities to utilize computers, software, and other equipment independently. 

Accordion List

After the room manager has confirmed your reservation, you'll be given the code for the combination lock.

Request to reserve the room

Location and Accessibility


For Wheelchairs

  • Sufficient doorway & hallway clearance
  • Clearance to approach table


  • Natural and/or non-fluorescent light

Nearby Bathrooms

The ground floor bathrooms are being renovated. Nearest accessible bathrooms are on the 2nd floor east (see floor plan).

Gender-neutral, accessible bathrooms are located on the third, fourth, and fifth floors east. They are in the elevator/stair block on the west side (see all Van Pelt-Dietrich floor plans).

Accessible Entrance

Accessible entrance on the ground floor. A brick walk leads from the north side of Levy Park to the accessible door. At the end of the walk are 2 doors. The accessible door is on the right.

Directions to the accessible entrance:   Word   |   PDF