Middle Eastern Studies Seminar Room

Meeting table, computer monitor, and shelves in the Middle Eastern Studies seminar room.

Teaching in the Middle East Seminar Room

The Middle East Seminar Room can accommodate small classes (12-16 persons) during the academic year, and can be reserved by faculty. Priority is given to faculty who need to make use of the room's resources.

Aside from access to the room's 2,000-volume collection, faculty teaching in the room can arrange to have supplemental materials placed in the room on temporary reserve for the semester. There is a fully-networked computer workstation and a whiteboard is also available for use. 

Where to print, copy, scan

Accordion List

  • 12 chairs at the table
  • 6 carrels
  • 2 easy chairs

  • Computer workstation
  • Whiteboard

Contact Us

For further information, please contact the Middle Eastern Studies Librarian, hkhughes@upenn.edu.