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Samuel Weiller Fernberger's Publications and Donated Collection

Samuel Weiller Fernberger (1887-1956) was a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1926-1956 and was quite influential within his field.

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Collection Overview

Fernberger spent most of his lifetime in Philadelphia; he grew up in Philadelphia and received all of his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Fernberger served as editor for Psychological Bulletin from 1918-1930, the Journal of Experimental Psychology 1930-1946, and as a cooperating editor for the American Journal of Psychology from 1925-1956 (Irwin, 1956). According to a write-up in the American Journal of Psychology, Fernberger was known for his work in psychophysics but contributed to many other fields such as facial expression, memory, and visual apprehension (Irwin, 1956).

During his time at the University of Pennsylvania, he donated many of his journals to the library. Since his journal collection often contained complete runs, this donation often helped complete any missing titles runs from 1910-1950. The Penn Libraries hold 4 of Fernberger's publications and over 60 publications in the Penn Library collection have a link back to Fernberger, including several rare books and manuscripts (such as The effusions, collection of volumes and Scrapbook of Civil War Envelopes).

Irwin, F.W. (1956). Samuel Weiller Fernberger: 1887-1956. The American Journal of Psychology, 69(4), 676-680. Retrieved from

Accordion List

Fernberger's publications include subject content such as:

  • Psychology
  • Senses and sensation
  • Comparison (Psychology)

Fernberger's donated collections include subject content such as:

  • Logic
  • English language & poetry
  • Ethics
  • Geometrical drawing
  • Philosophy
  • History

Holding Location