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Witnesses to History: Historic Moments Documented within Family Photo Albums in the Kislak Center

Samantha Hill, Curator of Civic Engagement in the Kislak Center

This event was postponed from Friday, April 21, to Friday, May 5.

This event has already occurred

May 5, 2023, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Open to the Public
Two soldiers saluting to each other.

Samantha Hill, Curator of Civic Engagement in the Kislak Center, will reflect on the growing trend in libraries to collect family photo albums as historic documents.  Not only does a family photo album capture our most precious moments and interests, but it also grants us a glimpse into communal memories that document migration, war, protests and the evidence of gentrification.  This talk will explore how photographic self-documentation illustrates the breadth and depth of historical moments by featuring examples from the Kislak collection.  

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