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Penn Libraries Presents Hannah Rutledge: A Passion Project: Building a Research Library in the Yucatan

Join the Penn Libraries as we present the work and research of our Library Staff. Our July 6 event features:

Hannah Rutledge sharing with us about "A Passion Project: Building a Research Library at a Biocultural Reserve and Archaeological Site in the Yucatan."

In the summer 2021, Hannah was contacted by her mentor from undergraduate, Dr. George Bey, asking if she would be willing to help them build a research library at Millsaps College’s 4,500 acre biocultural reserve in the Yucatan, Kaxil Kiuic. Having dug at the archaeological site, Kiuic, more than 20 years ago as a student, Hannah couldn’t resist this incredible opportunity. Still very much a work in progress, come hear about the vision for the unique research library, the various colleagues and challenges that are helping shape the path forward, and the current status of the library – both physical and digital.


For some background information on Kaxil Kiuic, please view the videos linked below:

·       Lost World of the Maya : National Geographic documentary on the archaeological site (45 min, 2020 re-release, more than 20 mln views!)

·       Redefining Success: Archaeology as a way to Embrace the World : Dr. George Bey’s TedX talk about Kaxil Kiuic and its mission (2014, 18 min)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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July 6, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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